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A practical guide on how to find a job in Finland


At Work in Finland was a project supporting highly educated immigrants into employment from 1.9.2016-28.2.2018.  During the project we encountered hundreds of international jobseekers.  Based on the experiences gained in this project we have created a very simple guide on how to find a job in Finland?


1. Make sure your documents are up to date

Take a look at our guide to a winning CV in the Finnish job market.


2. Networking is everything!

Did you know that about 2/3 of of all jobs are so called hidden jobs and they never get announced. Here is our practical guide to networking and hiddenjobs in Helsinki.


3.Find support

Are you sure you are making the most out of the services offered to you? Here is our guide on where to seek support as a highly educated immigrant in Finland looking for a job.


4. Get your degree recognised if needed.

Finnish national Agency for Education has clear information on recognition of prior learning:


Check out SIMHE´s has services for recognizing prior learning and competence http://www.metropolia.fi/en/about-us/simhe/


Good luck!! 


PDF-tiedostoPractical guide on hidden workplaces and networking.pdf (939 kB)
Practival guide on hidden workplaces and networking
PDF-tiedostoWhere to get more support.pdf (940 kB)
Where to find support?
PDF-tiedostoHow to make winning CV.pdf (1.4 MB)
How to make a winning CV