Maahanmuuttajille | For immigrants

Yleistiedot | General information
Useful information, links and step-by-step instructions about e.g. housing, work and administrative issues.
Provides links on all relevant topics for residents in Finland; E-services for citizens.
General information about living in Finland in 14 different languages.
The City of Helsinki's information and advice page for immigrants, available i.a. in Russian, Turkish and Somali.
Finnish organization for international cooperation and movement; provides information especially for international students and academics.
Info4Migrants is an innovative database, bringing together all the relevant information that migrants in Finland will need.
Minilex is a free-of-charge information website about the Finnish legal system and laws. It also offers a phone service in Finnish.



Hallinto | Administrative services
Website of the Finnish Immigration Service; information service and online registration for residence permits and work permits.
Site of the local register offices.
Check and update your data in the Population Information System.
KELA online service.
Website providing information about the Finnish tax system and how to fill in your tax report.
Are you moving? Remember to register your change of address at Posti!
Finnish National Board of Education, providing information about foreign work qualifications and the YKI test.

Emergencies & domestic violence
Emergency accommodation for victims of domestic violence.
SOS Crisis Center giving advice in emergency situations.

Learning Finnish
Practice your Finnish skills for the YKI test!
Online dictionary
Online course for young people.
List of Finnish language and other courses at Työväenopisto.
Very good overview over the Finnish language with detailed explanations of grammar, specific vocabulary and a list of Finnish learning books. Also available in Spanish.

Useful site for pet owners in Finland.
The city of Helsinki's official tourism website, containing event and sightseeing tips also for permanent residents.
Route planning for public transportation.


Henkilökorttilaki ja Perusmaksutili – vaikutukset oleskeluluvan saaneiden pankkipalveluihin (ely-keskukesta)

PDF-tiedostoPerusmaksutiliasiakkaiden palvelut pankkineutraali materiaali.pdf (175 kB)
Henkilökorttilaki ja Perusmaksutili – vaikutukset oleskeluluvan saaneiden pankkipalveluihin