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Moniheli's OmaPolku-project is looking for native-speaking peer tutors to work with immigrant parents!

OmaPolku is Moniheli's three-year (2020–2022) STEA-funded project which promotes educational equality of young people with an immigrant background. The main purpose of the project is that young people with an immigrant background would find secondary education after primary school which better suits their individual strengths and interests and that they would receive the support they need both in choosing a study path and during their years of study.

One of the activities of the OmaPolku-project is peer support for immigrant parents in their native language. Its purpose is to strengthen the capacity of immigrant parents to support the young people of the family as they move from comprehensive school to secondary education. Peer support will be carried out in Dari, English, Kurdish, French, Somali and Russian in the Uusimaa region. 

Information related to peer support contract: 

o The estimated start date for peer support activities is September 2020

o The fixed-term contract will first run until 31 December 2020 and will continue for a fixed term until 2021 and 2022, if the grant requested from STEA each year is received as planned

o Variable working hours: 0 h–12 h / month (zero-hour contract, which means that working hours vary between 0 to 12 hours monthly)

o Peer tutors' hourly salary: 15 € + evening, Saturday and Sunday supplements

The tasks of the peer tutor include:

o Providing peer support (sharing information, personal experiences, discussion, guidance and counseling) to immigrant parents face-to-face or remotely at events and occasions planned by the OmaPolku-project and its partners

o Coordinating thematic peer groups and other peer activities

o Translating announcements and information materials into one’s native language (eg announcements of current events, information brochures and videos for immigrant parents)

o Participating in events related to the further development of interaction and cooperation between home and school (eg parents' evenings, cooperation forums)

o Marketing current peer support activities to immigrant parents (e.g. distribute ads and promote peer support Facebook pages)

o Collecting follow-up information and feedback questionnaires from immigrant parents

o Evaluating one's own work and report about it to the project coordinator and participate in joint peer tutors’ review meetings

To be selected for the position of peer tutor, we require:

o Being a peer: you are a parent with an immigrant background or you have an immigrant background and you know the Finnish education system well

o Language skills: you speak Dari, English, Kurdish, French, Somali or Russian as your mother tongue and you also speak either Finnish or English well

o Motivation: you are interested in doing a variety of peer support work, supporting parenting and passing information on to immigrant parents

o Commitment to Moniheli’s values: cultural diversity, equality and non-discrimination, communality, respect and transparency

o Flexibility: you are ready to work as a peer tutor in the Uusimaa region on weekdays and weekends (peer support activities are mostly held in the Helsinki metropolitan area, but sometimes also elsewhere in the Uusimaa region)

o IT skills: you have a good command of the basics of using a computer and you can use some basic computer programs (eg Microsoft PowerPoint) as well as remote connections/services (eg Microsoft Teams) if you are given training

o Peer tutor training (see details below)

Finnish Refugee Council’s peer tutor training:

Candidates for the position of peer tutor must complete the Finnish Refugee Council's peer tutor training before signing an employment contract. No salary is paid for the duration of the training.

Finnish Refugee Council is organizing a three-day peer tutor training in Finnish for the OmaPolku-project's peer tutors on 11-12 August and 18 August from 3 to 8 pm and in English from 25 to 26 August and 2 September from 3 to 8 pm. If you have not previously completed Finnish Refugee Council’s peer tutor training (or training of a similar content and scope), you must participate in all three training days (Finnish or English language training). The training is free and is provided either remotely or face-to-face in Helsinki, depending on the corona situation.

More information and application:

Apply for the position of peer tutor by 31st of May 2020 using the application form below.

For more information on the role of the peer tutor and how to apply for it, please contact project coordinator Eugene Ufoka (tel. 050 543 5456) on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

Interviews will be conducted remotely through Microsoft Teams in weeks 23 and 24.

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