Registration form (Spring GA, fundraising training, authorization letter)


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Fill the form below to register to the May 4th Spring GA and/or fundraising training.

Spring GA participants: This form replaces the paper authorization letter for the representative who votes on behalf of the association at the assembly. This requires an official representative of the association (other than possibly you) to confirm the information to us by email.

PLEASE NOTE! The event is only for Moniheli member associations, their representatives and own members. You can apply to become a member at



I. Moniheli's Spring General Assembly 10.00-12.00 (registration and coffee from 9.30 onwards)

PLEASE NOTE! If you are your association's authorized (voting) representative, you need the authorization from an official representative of the association, other than you. We do not need a paper authorization letter, instead we request confirmation by email from the association's official representative. Write the official representative's contact information (other than you) below, and we will request confirmation from this person to confirm the authorization.

If you are the authorized representative, fill the fields below.
If you are coming to the GA as a non-voting guest or if you do not take part in the GA at all, leave the fields below empty.


II. Lunch (12:00-13:00)

PLEASE NOTE! Lunch will be served in priority to participants registered for both the morning and afternoon sessions. Max. 2 representatives per association for the lunch. 


III. Fundraising training

The fundraising training is open to all member association representatives and own members without restriction.


Click on the Lähetä button below to send your information. You will get a confirmation to your email address. 

If you registered as authorized representative at the GA, we will contact the official representative indicated in your form to confirm the information. 

* Tähdellä merkityt kentät ovat pakollisia.