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Panta, Binod. Effectiveness of advisory work in tackling homelessness among migrants in Helsinki region: A case study of Katto-project. Helsinki, Autumn 2019. 54 pages plus appendix. Language: English. Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. Degree program in Social Services. Degree: Bachelor of Social Services.

This research-oriented thesis about the effectiveness of advisory work in tackling homelessness was carried out in close cooperation with Katto-project of Moniheli ry. The quantitative method was applied in the research work with the questionnaire as the data collection tool and descriptive analysis as the data analysis method. This thesis work comprises an important theoretical background about the research topic, the research process, data collection and its analysis, conclusion, and recommendation for the work-life organization. 

The homelessness situation in Finland has been reducing since the 1990s, credit to the successful implementation of different national-level programs such as the Finnish national program to reduce long-term homelessness (PAAVO) I and II and action plan for preventing homelessness (AUNE). In those programs, advisory work on homelessness was one of the important measures applied for preventing homelessness. With the increasing trend of migration due to various reasons, there has been a growing number of migrants in Finland. The language barrier, difficulties in system navigation, lack of knowledge of support system, discriminatory practice in housing, lack of individual network etc. are some accelerating factors of migrant homelessness. Katto-project (now Katto program) and many other organizations are conducting different activities to prevent migrant homelessness. Advisory training on housing, also known as info-visits, is one of the important activities conducted by Katto-project that aimed at preventing homelessness of the migrant population. This research focused on exploring the effectiveness of such advisory work in tackling homelessness among the migrants in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The data collected shows that there is an increasing need for such advisory work

This thesis work suggested that the advisory work is an important measure in raising awareness and equipping the migrant population with the information related to housing and homelessness situation. Backed by the previous research on homelessness prevention modules, this thesis explored that there is a positive correlation between advisory work and prevention of migrant homelessness. Moreover, due to the limitation in this research, further intensive research is necessary to find a general conclusion on the effectiveness of advisory work in preventing homelessness.

Keywords: Homelessness, Migrant homelessness, Homelessness prevention, Advisory work, Causes of homelessness.

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