Association of Tanzanians in Finland - ATF ry

ATF is the associations for all Tanzanians who are living in Finland, the association's main activities are to promote social integration amongst Tanzanians here in Finland and act as the main contact from other associations, government and other entities, between Tanzanians here in Finland.

We also manage and arrange, social and cultural events for Tanzanians, and their peers, twice or three times a year. The cultural events include showcasing Tanzanian culture and learn Finnish culture, the aim is bridging the gap between two societies, but also bring the culture to Tanzanian children living here in Finland so that the stay in touch with their identity.

We arrange and manage Language cafes, social activities for happy events, as well as help each other socially during difficult times, such as sickness and funerals.

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Ukurasa huu ni kwa ajili ya jumuia ya Watanzania wanaoishi nchini Finland pamoja na wadau wake. Ni kwa ajili ya kuwasiliana, kujulishana na kupeana habari.