In English

Moniheli's pages are in Finnish and English. You can find information in both languges under the headings. Here is a short introduction on what you can find under the headings. 

Etusivu|Front page

Moniheli?: You can find information on Moniheli, its objectives, statutes and the board.

Toiminta|Activity: Information on Moniheli's action report, projects and annual report.

Palvelut|Services: Information on services provided by Moniheli such as project planning, funding applications, activities in general and using Moniheli's premises

Jäseneksi?|Become a member: How to become Moniheli network's member and membership's advantages and responsibilities.You can also see the list of Moniheli's member associations.

Linkit|Links: Useful and informative links on all topics concerning immigration and multicultural life in Finland.

Yhteystiedot|Contact information